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EcoPorts Finland provides versatile and overall cargo handling and port services, which are tailored to the needs of our customers, at Eurajoki private port in Olkiluoto. Our services include professional loading and unloading the vessels, as well as warehousing the goods in our port area. We are able to handle a variety of cargoes from bulk products to project cargoes.

The absolute cornerstones of all our activities are customer-orientation and efficient operations without compromising on quality or punctuality. With the help of our effective machinery and equipment, we guarantee the fast and cost-effective handling of our customers’ products both from vessel to shore and from shore to vessel. We serve our customers also in the evenings and on the weekends on request.

In June 2020 Heating Oy Y-kuljetus bought EcoPorts Finland Ltd`s stevedoring and port operations business. The deal increases total warehouse capacity to ab. 11.000 square meters. Heating Oy´s warehouses are located in Eurajoki, Köykäntie. The distance between the port and warehouses is ab 19 kilometers. Learn more (only in Finnish) here.

Ship clearancy and agent services are available after 1.1.2021. Our agent takes care of all communications, documentation, as well as crew shifting, fuel and food maintenance of the vessels. Close co-operation with port authorities, port operators and other service providers ensure speedy port calls with minimum delays and costs.